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Benefit from our digital expertise and over 10 years’ of Laravel experience. Our Laravel team can help with projects of all sizes and types.

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Do you need a web application or a complex custom solution?

The open-source framework Laravel has evolved dramatically from its inception in 2011 as a simple PHP framework to the sophisticated and full-fledged web application framework it is today. As a highly trusted tool, Laravel is employed to build a vast array of web applications across multiple sectors. Prominent UK organisations and enterprises such as MyBuilder, Neighbourhood Watch, and BBC’s Prehistoric Life leverage Laravel for their digital operations.

Benefit from the many years of experience of our developers. As your web agency, we’ll be happy to provide you with advice and support – for projects of all sizes.

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Reference Projects

  • Back-office system for online language school | 2022

    We built a robust back-office system for ‘Let’s Learn a Language’, integrating Symfony and Vue.js. This led to a significant reduction in admin workload and contributed to the school’s most successful quarter in 2022.

  • A screenshot of the Pavingexpert project website.

    Building an Industry-Level Career Portal for msg systems | 2020


    Tasked by msg systems, an IT solutions provider with over 8,500 employees, in 2020 we built a Joomla-based career portal for IT professionals. The portal features 350+ job vacancies and integrates with existing systems for seamless data import/export. The portal’s success was confirmed when msg ranked 3rd in a German study evaluating online career presences.

Who are we?

Based in the UK, our agency develops web applications, websites and all manner of custom solutions. Our team of 25 has experience with a wide variety of technologies, and with nearly two decades of agency experience, we’ve honed our skills in project management, communication and customer service.

Our agency is owner-managed, which means that our leadership are actively involved in day-to-day projects and operations. Though our main office is in Manchester, our team is proudly international, with team members working in various locations across the UK and Europe.

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Our Laravel Development Services

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Custom Web

Our developers specialise in crafting custom web applications and Laravel-based software tailored to your unique requirements.

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We provide Laravel enterprise solutions that empower large corporates to scale seamlessly. We create software that caters to your precise needs and integrates effortlessly with your existing systems.

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Custom Package

Leveraging the extensibility of Laravel, our developers can design and build custom Laravel packages. These modifications can enhance the core framework’s behaviour, making your Laravel application more flexible and scalable.

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Seamless API

Our team has extensive experience with APIs and Laravel API generator packages. We can develop functional RESTful solutions, enhancing the connectivity and functionality of your Laravel application.

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Ongoing Maintenance and Support

We also offer continuous support and maintenance post-development. Our aim is to ensure your Laravel application remains updated, secure, and functioning at its peak performance.

Agency Insights

How are we different from other Laravel agencies?

We’re specialists

We have a profound understanding of Laravel. Our mastery over its architecture allows us to exploit its features and capabilities to the maximum, enabling us to develop robust, scalable, and SEO-friendly web applications.

We’re flexible

Whether you need a custom package, specific functionalities, or unique UI components, our talented team possesses the skills to craft solutions tailored to your goals. Our bespoke approach ensures your Laravel application truly excels.

We’re knowledgeable

Beyond Laravel, we have experience with other frameworks like Angular and React, and CMS platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Contao and Joomla. We are more than willing to discuss the advantages of each technology and assist you in selecting the solution that suits your needs best.

We’re transparent

We operate and communicate with complete transparency, and are always eager to discuss our internal processes and involve you at every stage. Our goal is to be your digital ally, going all out to ensure the success of your project.

We’re here for you

We believe in establishing enduring relationships with our clients and offer extensive support and maintenance services. This ensures your Laravel application consistently operates at peak performance and remains up-to-date with the latest security patches and feature enhancements.

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Looking for a professional Laravel Agency?

Is Laravel the right choice for your project?

Deciding on the right framework for your digital project is a critical decision. We’ve been working with Laravel for years and have witnessed its robust capabilities time and time again. However, as with any technology, it’s important to comprehend both its advantages and potential challenges.

Here are some of the Laravel features that set it apart from other platforms:

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Versatile Database Handling

Laravel’s Eloquent ORM offers an efficient and straightforward approach to working with databases. This versatility can accommodate a wide range of project requirements and business needs, facilitating a more tailored application development.

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Built-in Tools for Rapid Development

Laravel’s suite of tools, including its Artisan CLI, accelerates the development process. This allows for quicker turnarounds and more efficient troubleshooting, potentially saving valuable time during your project’s lifecycle.

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Clear Structure with MVC Architecture

Laravel follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern, ensuring a well-structured, maintainable codebase. This clear separation can streamline future upgrades and expansions, supporting the long-term evolution of your digital application.

However, there are some valid reasons why you might consider alternatives to Laravel:

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Performance Requirements

Laravel offers solid performance for a broad range of applications. However, for projects with exceptionally high-performance demands, more lightweight PHP frameworks might deliver superior speed. It’s essential to align the choice of framework with your project’s specific performance needs.

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Flexibility in UI Design

Laravel doesn’t natively support themes, which can make creating visually diverse sites and applications more challenging. However, this can be addressed through packages or custom solutions, but it does require extra work.

Our aim is to provide clients with an unbiased, informed perspective to help them select the best framework for their digital project. We’re here to guide you through that decision, aligning your choice of technology with your specific project needs and goals.

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Agency Owner

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Common questions to us as
a Laravel agency

The Laravel Package Ecosystem consists of a wide range of packages that can extend Laravel’s core functionality. These packages range from tools for authentication and caching to database migration and API development, providing extensive customization options for Laravel developers.

Absolutely. Laravel places a strong emphasis on security. It comes with built-in protection against common web vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. However, as with any framework, security also largely depends on proper coding practices and regular maintenance, like keeping Laravel and its packages updated.

Definitely! Laravel’s robust features and scalability make it an ideal choice for complex applications with high levels of traffic. Many large enterprises use Laravel for their digital platforms due to its performance and flexibility.

Not at all. While Laravel is well-equipped to handle large-scale projects, it’s also an excellent choice for smaller applications. The framework’s flexible and scalable nature allows it to power a broad range of projects, from small web apps to robust e-commerce platforms and large corporate applications.

The cost of a Laravel web application can vary significantly based on several factors such as the complexity of the project, required functionality, and the expertise of the development team. While Laravel itself is free, associated costs may include hosting, domain, packages, custom development, and maintenance.

While Laravel may seem complex initially due to its robust features, it provides a highly customizable and powerful system once you get the hang of it. Its command-line tool Artisan can automate many tedious tasks, making development much more manageable. Moreover, the Laravel community offers an extensive array of online resources and support, making the management of a Laravel application increasingly efficient with time.

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