Theme-based WordPress Product Microsite | 2019

In 2019, we developed a WordPress product microsite for Signum to showcase Orgasoft.NET. The site, designed using a carefully selected theme, achieved a sleek look, launching successfully and increasing software sign-ups by 120% within a year of launch.

  • The Challenge

    In 2019 our existing client Signum asked us to create a visually impactful product microsite to highlight and present their stock management system, Orgasoft.NET.

    Their main website, which was built using Joomla several years prior, is quite rich and heavy in terms of content, structure and detail. It includes extensive software documentation, a download section, a wealth of product information and a support forum for existing customers.

    With this new website Signum had recognised the need for a sleek, focused and more visually refined brochure presentation of their flagship product. The main purpose of the microsite was as a landing page for potential new leads, with the CTA being a sign-up for the free, entry-level version of their software.

    Technically, the project would be straightforward. The challenge put to us was to realise the design and concept of this website, leveraging a WordPress theme of our choice in a way that maximises the value of the theme while feeling individual and non-generic.

    About the client

    Signum, which was founded in 1988, had been installing merchandise management systems for companies in the retail, catering, social economy and other industries for more than 30 years. The company is still run and managed by its original founders.

    The Solution

    In testament to the established relationship with the client, with this website Signum trusted us with substantial freedom in design and layout. From a shortlist of potential themes we quickly reached a decision with the company owner and got to work.

    While the timeline wasn’t especially tight for this project, the budget was limited. We planned the project accordingly, striking a strict balance between feedback cycles and concentrated phases of development

    Overall, both the project, and our aim to work quickly and efficiently, was entirely successful. We received final sign-off on the website only two weeks after the official project kick-off, and the website went online a day later.

    Lessons learned

    Pre-designed website themes are something of a Jekyll and Hyde of CMS development. While the results of theme-based development projects typically range from disappointing to adequate, however a carefully selected theme can mean big cost and time savings and in the right conditions and with the right client, can be used to great visual effect.

    Measuring project success

    Within a year of launch, the Orgasoft.NET microsite – used as part of a wider online marketing campaign – helped to substantially increase new user engagement by creating a simpler, lighter entry point. Sign-up for the free version of the software grew by 120% within 12 months of the launch of this microsite, which is still in use today.