WordPress Enhancements for Building Radar | 2023

In 2023, we revamped Building Radar’s WordPress site, enhancing their references section and overall website effectiveness. Besides redesigning for business focus, we boosted site speed, improving Google PageSpeed Insights score and user engagement metrics.

  • The Challenge

    In July 2022, Building Radar approached us with a request for WordPress layout changes and a general overhaul of some areas of their website design. 

    Changes were necessary with their references section to reflect a shift in their business focus over the previous two years, while a secondary goal was to improve their website’s overall effectiveness in terms of sales and lead generation.

    About the client

    Building Radar, is a British/German provider of AI technology which identifies new construction projects at the earliest possible opportunity, allowing general contractors to optimise their resource utilisation and better plan and target their sales processes.

    The Solution

    Our approach to the project was methodical and client-focused. 

    Brian, our lead designer, created wireframes and mockups based on Building Radar’s conceptual vision. The redesign focused on integrating the new layout seamlessly with the existing website’s style, ensuring consistency and brand alignment.

    The redesigned page layouts successfully met the client’s requirements.

    To add value beyond the client’s request, we also performed a comprehensive pagespeed audit and optimisation for their entire site. The majority of WordPress websites rely heavily on plugins and this dependence can often lead to issues with website speed. 

    Here we followed our typical workflow: minimising the number of plugins, replacing those which are known to cause performance issues, and then setting up effective caching and the optimisation of images and other static assets to reduce page load times.

    Lessons learned

    During the project, our primary contact shifted from a team member to the business owner. While this resulted in more direct and effective communication, it also led to a misunderstanding about our role in providing copy text. Therefore, one key takeaway from this project was the importance of clear communication regarding the scope of our services to avoid misunderstandings and maintain a positive client relationship.

    Measuring project success

    The pagespeed improvements raised the website’s Google PageSpeed Insights ranking significantly, from the 50-60% range to consistently over 80%. Although these changes were made recently, the client has already reported a small increase in time on site and decrease in bounce rate, which they believe is attributable to these improvements.